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This page will Insha'Allah track moon sighting across various countries and will be updated monthly with the current and next month's moon sighting details and information.

Rabiut-Thani 1439 Calculations:

Wifaqul Ulama Announcement for British Muslims:

Wifaqul Ulama urges Muslims in Britain to attempt to sight the Moon for Rabiut-Thani 1439 on the evening of Monday the 18th of December 2017. This will be the 29th of Rabiul-Awwal 1439. Moon sighting results should be reported to Wifaqul Ulama,  you can notify us via our Email, Twitter, Facebook or by calling +447956589613

FAQ about Moon Sighting

United Kingdom, Morocco and South Africa:

New Moon Birth & Sighting on December 18, 2017

The Astronomical New Moon (conjunction) is on Monday December 18, 2017 at 06:31 UTC. Moonsighting is not possible anywhere.

Sighting on December 19, 2017

Possible in many parts of the world.




Rabiut-Thani 1439 Announcements:

Start of Rabiut-Thani 1439 on December 19, 2017:


1 Saudi Arabia: Ummul-Qura Calendar shows the start from Tuesday, the 19th of December. Sighting is not possible on the day. There is no official announcement by the Government and this will be purely Ummul-Qura Calendar based start.


2 Turkey: Din Hizmetleri Genel Müdürlüğü states that REBİÜLAHİR 1439 stats from Tuesday, the 19th of December. There is no Moon sighting at all.


Start of Rabiut-Thani 1439 on December 20, 2017:

1 United States: Awaiting News


2 Canada: Awaiting News


3 FranceAwaiting News


4 ItalyAwaiting News


5 Morocco (Source 2)Awaiting News


6 United KingdomAwaiting News


7 Chile: Awaiting News


8 Guyana: Awaiting News


9 Oman: Awaiting News


10 Malaysia: Awaiting News


11 Singapore: Awaiting News


12 IndonesiaAwaiting News


13 South AfricaAwaiting News


14 Zambia: Awaiting News


15 Malawi: Awaiting News


16 Zimbabwe: Awaiting News


17 Mozambique: Awaiting News


 18 Pakistan: Awaiting News


19 Brunei: Awaiting News


20 New Zealand: Awaiting News


21 Sri Lanka: Awaiting News


22 AustraliaAwaiting News


23 (North) India: Awaiting News


24 (South) India: Awaiting News

25 Reunion: Awaiting News