Selected Gems from Nouman Ali Khan for Inquisitive minds


{jb_quote}[38:29] This is a blessed Book We have revealed to you, so that they deliberate in its verses, and so that the men of understanding may heed to advice.{/jb_quote}

Al-Qadr (Predestination) in Islam

Why are People Put in Difficult & Tough Situations by God?

Understanding Trials & Difficulties

Healing for Emotional Suffering

Crisis of Faith

A Promise of Success

The Story of A Father and A Crow

What is Dawah?

How did The Prophet [Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam] Give Dawah?

How Can I Fix My Character?

How Can I Motivate My Friends About Islam?

Be Friends with Your Children!

Lesson From Story of Imam Abu Hanifa (RA) about his mother

Everything is Haram Gun!

Three reasons which make some born Muslims Atheist

Three Elements of Effective Communication

Brief Explanation of Surah Al-Asr

Surah An Naba (The Great News): Chapter 78

3 Goals to be a better Muslim

In Need of Wisdom

Mocking Others and Arrogance

The Impact of The Quran on Our Lives