Taraweeh: 16th Night


Taraweeh: 16th Night

This summary of the sixteenth Tarawîh covers the Seventeeth Juz.

Beginning of the Seventeeth Juz

The next Sûrah is Sûrah Ambiyâ, which derives its name from the fact that it mentions a series of Ambiyâ. The Sûrah also cautions people against being negligent about Qiyâmah and the reckoning on that day. Allâh mentions that the Qur'ân contains every type of advice and explanation for mankind. Men therefore have a choice before them and should anticipate the consequences of their acts.

None can ever save himself from Allâh's punishment when it comes, and people will be foolish to pin their hopes in their fabricated gods. People will be called to account for every minute act- even an act the size of a mustard seed will be weighed in the scale of acts. Allâh's judgement on the Day of Qiyâmah will be final and binding. May Allâh grant us all the Taufîq to do good acts. Âmîn.

In the remaining verses of Sûrah Ambiyâ, Allâh discusses the various Ambiyâ from Hadhrat Ibrahîm Alayhis Salâm to Hadhrat Îsa Alayhis Salâm. Thereafter, Allâh says about Rasulullâh Sallallâhu 'alayhi wasallam, "We have sent you as a mercy to the universe." (verse 107). The next verse declares Tauhîd when Allâh instructs Rasulullâh Sallallâhu 'alayhi wasallam to "Say, 'It has been revealed to me that your deity is but One Deity. So will you submit to this?"

Sûrah Haj follows Sûrah Ambiyâ and opens with a reminder of Qiyâmah. Allâh says, "Oh people! Fear your Rabb. The earthquake of Qiyâmah is a tremendous thing indeed. The day when you will witness it, every nursing mother will forget her suckling infant and every pregnant woman will abort (because of intense fear). And you will see people in a drunken stupor whereas they will not be drunk, but Allâh's punishment is severe." (verses 1 and 2)

Allâh also cautions those Mu'minîn whose faith is weak that they should make a concerted effort to strengthen their Imân and carry out good acts so that the welfare of their lives in this world and in the Âkhirâh is not jeopardised. Allâh says that it was Hadhrat Ibrahîm who termed this Ummah as Muslimeen. Allâh also mentions the Ka'bah and instructs man to "perform tawâf around the 'Baitul Atîq' (the Ka'bah)." (verse 29)

Thereafter, certain rites of Haj are mentioned, about which Allâh states, "And whoever honours Allâh's signs, then this is due to the Taqwa of hearts (verse 32). With regard to sacrificial animals on the occasion of Haj Allâh says, "Their flesh and blood will never reach Allâh, but it is your Taqwa that will reach Him" (verse 37).

Allâh concludes Sûrah Hajj with the following message to the Muslims: "Oh you who believe, bow, prostrate, worship your Rabb and carry out good acts so that you may be successful. Strive for Allâh with the endeavour that is His right. He has chosen you and has not placed any hardship upon in religion. Follow the creed of your father, Ibrahîm. It was he who named you Muslims from before and in this Qur'ân, so that the Nabî'.0'‑‑ be a witness over you people, and that you be witnesses over mankind. So establish Salâh, pay zakâh and hold fast to (the rope of) Allâh. He is your Protecting Friend. The Best Protecting Friend and the Best Helper" (verses 77/8).

End of the Seventeeth Juz